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Quick CKEditor 4 plugin creation with Yeoman generator

For last couple of weeks I’ve been playing a little with Yeoman and so far I’m enjoying the philosophy of this project. While working on CKEditor 4 we sometimes need to create some smaller plugin, to quickly mock something up.

In the past I’ve already created some Python scripts for generating a proper plugin for me, however it was pretty much untested XP thing, not really maintained in a way I’d like it to be. So I asked myself: why not create a yeoman generator for CKEditor 4?

tl;dr I’ll only describe how to create a plugin with CKEditor 4 Generator, as there already are many great tutorials on how to write a generator.


You need to install yeoman and the generator itself:

npm install -g yo generator-ckeditor4

And that’s all!

Creating a Plugin

Since in generator CKEditor is referenced as a npm module, you don’t have to worry about downloading CKEditor or anything.

Just go to your workspace and type:

yo ckeditor4:createPlugin myplugin --dialog --button

Where myplugin is the name of your plugin. It will automatically create a subdirectory in your cwd.


A great benefit of this is that you have test platform set out of the box!

You can run server with npm run test-server and open http://localhost:1030.

You can also run all the tests at once using npm test.

More information on testing platform in CKEditor Testing Environment.

Dialogs and Buttons

As seen in example from “Creating a Plugin” section, you can create dialogs and buttons so you don’t have to worry about file name typo or anything! However these are optional.

Type Definitions

By default it will also put a proper typings package into package.json so that you get a good code completion in Visual Studio Code.


All in all this generator is a big help in setting up a complete CKEditor 4 plugin infrastructure.

Looking into a future there are couple of things I’d like to improve:

Hope you’ll find this generator helpful. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop an issue on GitHub.

Keep in mind that this is my pet project, it’s not supported by CKSource. So if you see any issues the best way is to drop a pull request 🍺!

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