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IoT everything! A first look at ESP8266 (WiFi Witty Cloud Development) board

After witnessing some really cool automation systems recently, I’ve become excited about the possibilities that IoT brings into play. That’s why I decided to buy an ESP8266 module, however there were no convenient tutorials on how to actually get started. It wasn’t hard with figuring it out - but it make sense to share it, so you can get things ... Read more

Quick CKEditor 4 plugin creation with Yeoman generator

For last couple of weeks I’ve been playing a little with Yeoman and so far I’m enjoying the philosophy of this project. While working on CKEditor 4 we sometimes need to create some smaller plugin, to quickly mock something up. In the past I’ve already created some Python scripts for generating a proper plugin for me, however it was pretty much ... Read more

Debugging Karma tests with VSCode

tl;dr: I was able to put it as a video on YouTube, however it was my first video, and it started to take bit too much time, so it’s not a super pro one: Introduction After talking with one fellow programmer I decided to get back to my old mouselessNavigator chrome extension. The code was not maintained for couple of years, and it was written... Read more

Blog --init!

I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog for a quite a long time now, so here it is! Currently my goal is to share from time to time some of my findings related to programming. Since for quite some time I’ve challenged myself to participate more actively in open-source community, I believe that a lot of this will make into the blog. Let’s se... Read more